Hail Mary


“We had no flow offensively.” Those were Brady Hoke’s words following the most exciting Michigan win I’ve ever seen (apologies to Michigan/Penn St ’05). This post was going to be a long rant about how Brady Hoke and Al Borges had immobilized the most electric player in college football. Instead, OMFG, what the hell just happened, look at that picture. Michigan struggled to do anything all night offensively, then the 4th quarter happened and Denard just started chucking it up and Hemingway, Gallon (!!!!!!!!), and Roundtree went up and made ridiculous catches over and over. Hello Mediocrity least favorite player Jeremy Gallon almost redeemed himself for the 17 punts and kicks he misplayed last year. His 64 yard completion when it seemed like the game was lost was the most shocking catch I’ve ever seen. Simply an incredible game. Words can do no justice, so here’s a collection of text messages I got last night:

11:21 pm Dan: Ahhhhhhhhhhh

11:21 pm Dan: If we line up for a fg I’ll puke

11:28 pm Dan: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

11:41 pm Jeff: Wow

11:42 pm Louis: Go fucking blueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!

11:42 pm Rachel: Gooooooooooooo

11:43 pm Me: Blueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


Some other notes:

  • Michigan Stadium looked spectacular last night. That should happen every year.
  • Brady Hoke still doesn’t have a kicker. We haven’t attempted one this year, and apparently the thought of having to lineup for a game tying FG with 8 seconds left was too much for Hoke. Props to him for not putting a kicker out there.
  • Now having said that, Hoke looks like a clueless doofus on the sideline. I know I was in favor of him delegating duties to Borges and Mattison, but it looks like, and sounds like, he has no idea what is going.
  • Dave Brandon is an asshole. Did you see him running on the field after the game and hugging Hoke? Rich Rod must have been thinking what could have happened if he had any of that support. Who else is looking forward to John Bacon’s book about the Rich Rodriguez era?
  • Notre Dame shot themselves in the foot over and over. Obviously the 5 turnovers were bad, but so was the predictable play calling. Michigan had no answer to Michael Floyd, but when Notre Dame got themselves into 3rd and short multiple times they ran HB dives, which Michigan stuffed, forcing at least 3 punts.
  • I understand Troy Woolfolk was playing with a broken hand, sprained ankle, reconstructed ankle, and bloody nose, but who’s idea was it to put JT Floyd on Michael Floyd (often without help) all night. JT was solid, but it seemed odd, especially considering how locked in Rees was on Floyd for most of the night.
  • This is probably it’s own post, but jeez, the offense kind of sucks now. There is still no running game (where was Toussaint? why was Hopkins listed as an impact player at the start of the game? what did I miss?). Now, instead of Denard hitting wide open WRs streaking through the secondary, his favorite play appears to be the jump ball. It doesn’t exactly leave you feeling good about the offense going forward.
  • The theme of the Rich Rod era was quick starts to the season, including his two best wins over ND in an almost exciting fashion. But when the Big Ten schedule rolled around the team struggled to match up with just about anyone. Hopefully this team can take this win and actually build on it.

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